Using art as a medium to build relationships | Richard Duarte Brown | TEDxYearlingRoad by Nehemiah P.

In the 5th grade, Richard Duarte Brown met his teacher, Mr. William Steele. It would be from this man where Duarte would learn, in one short year, what it meant for him to be a man. As Duarte grew up without a father, Mr. Steele would eventually prepare him with the lesson that in order to find home, he would need to leave home.

African-Americans nourish Columbus arts community by Nehemiah P.

Richard “Duarte” Brown


Brown can’t help choking up about his current gig: He’s the resident artist at Whitehall-Yearling High School and Rosemore Middle School. As he paints murals in front of art students and helps lead art classes several days a week, he knows that he’s helping to shape the next generation of artists. “I didn’t see this coming at all,” said Brown, who in August was awarded the yearlong residency by the Ohio Arts Council as part of its Artist in Residence program. “The way I grew up, I have empathy for people who have obstacles. Art is a way to make a difference.” Especially sweet for him is being able to explain the power of art to children in his own backyard: He and his wife have lived in Whitehall — where they raised two children ­— for 33 years. 

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Columbus Alive - September 1, 2016 by Nehemiah P.

Mixed media painter Richard Duarte Brown can hardly contain his excitement when explaining his new job during a late-August interview at the Columbus Metropolitan Library. “I’m contracted with the state of Ohio to visit Whitehall [City] Schools three days a week for three different teachers … for a full, solid year,” he said.

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See Us at The Columbus Arts Festival! by Nehemiah P.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see my work of art brought to life by the largest resident theater company in America!

Friday June 10th & Saturday June 11th at 9pm on the ABC6 Mainstage.

The Columbus Arts Festival and Shadowbox Live are teaming up to present  Gallery of Echoes—The ColumbUS Public Art Project, an innovative meta-performance involving music, dance, theater and large-scale media projections featuring only Columbus-based artists’ work - including mine!

Evocative video of the artwork takes viewers on a journey of movement and images exploring the context of the art’s creation, while original musical score, dance and spoken word interpret the pieces and bring them further to life. 

Hope to see you there!

-Duarte Brown