Using art as a medium to build relationships | Richard Duarte Brown | TEDxYearlingRoad by Nehemiah P.

In the 5th grade, Richard Duarte Brown met his teacher, Mr. William Steele. It would be from this man where Duarte would learn, in one short year, what it meant for him to be a man. As Duarte grew up without a father, Mr. Steele would eventually prepare him with the lesson that in order to find home, he would need to leave home.

Columbus Alive - September 1, 2016 by Nehemiah P.

Mixed media painter Richard Duarte Brown can hardly contain his excitement when explaining his new job during a late-August interview at the Columbus Metropolitan Library. “I’m contracted with the state of Ohio to visit Whitehall [City] Schools three days a week for three different teachers … for a full, solid year,” he said.

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